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Retreat from Leningrad Army Group North 1944/1945

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Retreat from Leningrad Army Group North 1944/1945
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Most histories of the northern sector of the Russian front concentrate on the siege of Leningrad, and focus little attention on the heavy fighting during the Wehrmacht's withdrawl into the Baltic countries. Retreat from Leningrad begins where those books end, with the massive January 1944 Soviet offensive which was designed not only to break the siege completely but also to destroy Army Group North. Enjoying huge superiorites in men and material, the Red Army attempted to crush two German armies which lacked more than a handful of tanks, contained a high percentage of unreliable foreign volunteers, and were hampered by Adolph Hitler's inflexable no retreat strategy. This untold story is recovered here in great detail, primarily as told by the German officers who served as commanders and chiefs of staff for Army Group North and its constituent armies. Their accounts were drafted soon after the war ended at the request of the United States Army, but have languished in poorly translated manuscripts until Professor Steven H. Newton re-translated, corrected, and annotated them, as well as providing subsatanial amounts of new material direct from the army group's operational records. The result is the most comprehensive and detailed operational study of sustained combat in the northern sector of the Russian front ever published in English. Dr Steven H. Newton is Associate Professor of History and Political Science at Delaware State University. Trained as a military historian, he received his Ph.D. fromn The College of William and Mary. His specalities include the German Army, Eastern from combat in World War II, and the American Civil War. Retreat from Lenigrad is his third book; he is also the author of German Battle Tactics on the Russian Front, 1941-1945(also available from Schiffer Publishing). Dr Newton is an active lecturer on Military topics, who has appeared in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York. He also serves as a platoon sergeant in Army National Guard's Stonewall Brigade (1st Brigade, 29th Infantry Division[Light]).
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Titel Retreat from Leningrad Army Group North 1944/1945
Auteur Steven H. Newton
Uitgever Schiffer Publishing Ltd
Taal English
Kaft Hardcover
ISBN 9780887408069
Druk -
Datum Uitgave 1997
Aantal Paginas 328
Afmetingen Verpakking breedte 152 mm Verpakking hoogte 30 mm Verpakking lengte 229 mm
Staat als nieuw
Serie -

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