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Reason 4 Ignite!

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Reason 4 Ignite!
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'Reason 4 Ignite!' helps you get up to speed in Reason quickly by dropping you right into the action with the author's guidance so that before you know it, you are really in the Reason groove! This book is not hard work. You will not find long lists of features and difficult theoretical explanations to wrap your head around. Instead, in each chapter you will immediately be led through relatively short groups of simple, foolproof steps. At the end of each short exercise, you'll hear the results of your work - instant gratification! You will experience in real time what it feels like to make Reason work for you, and your understanding will grow. You'll learn to take control of the synths, such as Thor, Malström and Subtractor; the NN-19 and NN-XT samplers; and all the effects and other devices that make up this incredible music-making program. Screenshots and step-by-step instructions guide you through the various new features of Reason 4. Features: - Perfect for beginners, this book contains easy-to-follow explanations of features that would typically confuse readers. - Covers Reason 4, the latest version of this extremely popular program. - Contains many large screenshots with numbered callouts that explain what is happening in the illustration. - Stays directly on topic, explaining how to learn Reason quickly and use it to become more productive immediately.
Extra informatie

Extra informatie

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Titel Reason 4 Ignite!
Auteur Matt Piper
Uitgever Cengage
Taal English
Kaft Paperback
ISBN 9781598634785
Druk 1
Datum Uitgave 2008
Aantal Paginas 274
Afmetingen -
Staat als nieuw
Serie -

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